beautiful creatures

3D Model | Drafting | Light Rendering
In the 2013 film Beautiful Creatures, chaos erupts as two opposing forces clash: the ordinary, homey, crumbling small-town of Gatlin, where history, tradition, and ignorance dictate the lifestyle, and the dark, cryptic world of Ravenwood, full of veiled family secrets and corrupt bloodlines that hide in the shadows. I redesigned two locations from the film, the Ravenwood dining room and Ethan Wate’s attic bedroom.
Through my designs, I utilized contrast to play on the vastly different worlds within the film. The dining hall is grand, ornate, and perfect, almost as if untouched by human hands. Ethan’s bedroom, however, is small, messy, and homey. The dining room set was designed to be built on stage, whereas the bedroom was designed on location.