all shook up

Color Model | Drafting | Fabrication
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For SCAD’s Winter 2022 musical, I collaborated with a team of designers to design and conceptualize the set for All Shook Up, a jukebox musical based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, featuring Elvis Presley’s greatest hits. The show follows Chad, a motorcycle-riding roustabout, who finds himself in a small conservative Midwestern town in 1955.

Working alongside the lighting, costume, and prop teams, we wanted to create a lot of contrast between the boring, gray town, and Chad’s electrifying energy. Act I sees a gradual build of color and excitement until Act II, in which the characters find themselves at the fairgrounds, where the stage is now full of saturated hues and overflows with energy.
Annie Bridges and Tiffany Evariste
Scenic Designers: 
Tyler Lowe, Natasha Bell, Katherine Knapik, Julia Kowalski, Stephanie Lieberman, Noah Novak, Lindsey Taylor
Lighting Designers:

Tyler Bond, Lauren Pellegrini
Costume Designers:
Madeline Cornett, Antiano Goodwin, Morgaine Trahan
Prop Designers:
Liv Clark, Josephine Co, Juliet Denning, Alex Kowalczyk, Zoe Lipman, MJ Loyet, Ken Misaki, Sebastian Roberts, Tess Tarses, Heiki To