adler hall

Placemaking | Environmental Design

Adler Hall is one of almost 25 academic buildings at the Savannah College of Art and Design, housing the graphic design and advertising departments, among others. In order to create a unique visual style to identify Adler Hall and make it feel representative of the students and classrooms inside, I developed a graphic style indicative of communication arts as a whole. The palette utilizes red, green, and blue, in two tones for each, to represent the digital workspaces used by graphic design, advertising, photography, and film students. A major graphic element implemented throughout the building is a distorted grid.
This is suggestive, not only as a tool used in many of these majors to create composition and establish structure, but also as a symbol for creativity as students "break the grid" to think outside the box and find inventive ways to create. Further, this distortion is also used in typography. An identifying sign outside the building uses distortion to mimic the grid,and typographic characters are abstracted into graphic forms used as vinyl tiles in the flooring.